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Young people need help making decisions about education and careers.

Effective quality guidance supports the development of career management skills that are essential to enable young people to plan and manage their learning and work life paths.

I understand how strengths, interests and personality fit together and inform ideas about career routes so that young people can;
  • Choose the right subjects in school
  • Weigh-up university courses and alternatives to higher education
  • Find out about career paths and achieving future goals
  • Identify key skills, strengths and interests
  • Learn how to develop Career Resilience
  • Receive detailed personal profile reports, feedback and action plans
  • Benefit from on-going support

I offer diagnostic testing for Specific Learning Disabilities/Neurodiversity for individuals aged 16 – 60+ years, this might be for educational support or for the work place.


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If you want to work with me to establish how you want your career to flourish

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What people are saying about Talent & Career

“Can highly recommend. Great advice and help given to one of my children”

“I have worked with Hannah for the last ten years and have always found her to be very professional, considerate and acutely aware of the client’s needs. She is always keen to learn new ways of working and undertakes a considerable amount of CPD to stay up-to-date with new approaches in the field. I would happily recommend Hannah.”


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